Jay Cyun

“We were referred to Angela by a relative with very high regards and were pleasantly surprised on how trustworthy she is. She works hard, is very easy to get along and went above and beyond to support our needs and interests. We live in San Diego County and were looking for areas in Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo and vicinity. She made enough time for us to meet on weekends and weekday evenings. Communication was excellent, always prompt whether it’s a phone call, email or text. She never let us down in anyway. She also seems to have a great network of folks to rely on for information, get help when lockbox breaks down, etc. She did a lot of homework on properties we picked out and that was very helpful in making the right offer. It’s easy to recognize everyone around her likes her which is another way for us to trust her even more. We recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home in South OC. Definitely one of the best.” Jay Cyun